qqqq baby crib

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qqqq is an innovative baby crib that adapts to the growth and needs of a child from birth to the age of three.

At the end of it’s life as bed it can be transformed into a playhouse and toy storage. Using built in mechanism, bed height can be changed according to child’s size and needs. It has rocking functionality and possibility of inclining mattress to help ease colic. At the top position the space underneath the bed can be used as storage. At the middle heights bed also serves as a play fence. At the bottom position of the bed, the big opening serves as way in and out for the child, and prevents it from trying to climb over the crib in order to get out. Eventually when the child is too big to sleep in the bed, it can be turned up side down, becoming playhouse and storage for toys. The crib is made mostly of plywood, pine sticks and felt. All parts are detachable for easy storage or recycling. Finishing of all the edges is done manually in order to make it as safe and smooth as possible.

The price for the crib without mattress is 700€ vat. inc. + shipping
We take orders via e-mail.

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